Almost Too Cool for Phoenix

Let’s be honest. After almost a decade of pinball, it takes quite a bit to get us REALLY excited about anything. But we’re REALLY excited about this. This Friday is the official grand opening of Stardust Pinbar! We got a sneak peek last week. Check it out!

Stardust Pinbar is the brainchild of the folks behind Cobra Arcade, so you know it has to be cool. You get there by going through Ziggy’s Pizza, which they also just opened, and also is totally awesome.
The coolest place in Phoenix is next to the Van Buren, at Van Buren and Fourth avenues downtown. Here’s what you see when you walk inside Ziggy’s.
Then you want to head for these doors, at least if you know what’s what.
Then you walk down this hallway and go through the secret entrance at the end.
Then you’re in Stardust Pinbar, the only dedicated pinball bar in the state, with 15 to 20 machines on the floor at all times.
These are great titles, too, like Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Addams Family, Monster Bash, Cirqus Voltaire, and more. Also, check out the amazing artwork on the walls! We love the whole theme.
The bar is made of hundreds of pinballs and the menu is full of things we’d drink. Are you excited yet?
Check out the other wall too! Dozens of playfields make for a beautiful display.
We can’t hardly wait to go back. Check it out yourselves. You know you want to.