Bally Playboy is Finally Finished!

We just had the pleasure of delivering this fully restored 1978 Bally Playboy to its owner, Mark. It was a project many years in the making — Mark had given it to someone else to restore almost two decades ago. There were some problems, and the project was never finished. Mark asked us to pick it up and finish the work. We were glad to help!

This is what the game looked like when we got it. The playfield had been full sanded down, in preparation for an overlay. The cabinet had been hand-painted.
Here’s a closer look at the cabinet. It was pretty good for a hand-done job, but obviously not as good as the game could look.
We had our good friend Chris tackle the front end of the project: Sanding the cabinet down to the wood so we could start over with stencils.
Chris also installed a new cabinet bottom.
After the stencils were finished, Chris installed the reproduction playfield we’d obtained. It was so much better than the overlay would have looked!
Then we all tackled the six boxes of parts that had been left inside the machine!
A few finishing touches, and voila! A fully restored machine!
We were glad to be part of finally finishing this project. We hope it was worth it, Mark!