NEWS: Electric Bat is Coming!

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Tell your mother, tell your father, tell your weird cousin’s neighbor’s friend. It’s almost here, and we could hardly be more excited for the opening of the Electric Bat Arcade! There’s a lot of places to play pinball in Phoenix, but none of them will be quite like this.
Check it out!

The Electric Bat will open in a newly renovated portion of the venerable Yucca Tap Room, at 29 W. Southern Ave., in Tempe. Nearly 20 arcade and pinball games will grace the space.

The arcade has a soft opening this month and will begin permanent hours in October. Did we mention it’s inside a cool bar that regularly hosts some awesome local and national acts?

Games will be token-operated and have been specially minted for the arcade. See if you’re lucky enough to get a Free Beer token in exchange for your quarter!

The Bat’s amazing proprietress, Rachel Bess, and her crew of assistants even have their merchandise game on point. Check out these cool pins!

Yes, they glow in the dark! That’s how cool this is going to be. So reserve basically all of October to spend at the Electric Bat. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

This Game Was Cosmic!

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We just recently said goodbye to a rare game, one that we were happy to find–and then became happy to pass along to someone else. We DO NOT have this Cosmic Gunfight any longer, but here are some pictures in case you ever wanted to see one too!

Williams came out with Cosmic Gunfight in 1982, and produced just around 1,000 of the machines. (IPDB)

According to the Internet Pinball Database, this game was originally supposed to be called Dragonfly and then was dubbed Cosmic Gunfighter.

Its big draw was a new feature called Cosmic Ball, which gave you 30 to 99 seconds of unlimited balls after your last ball.

Of course, its amazing art was its biggest draw though, with a can’t-beat theme of space cowboys.

Unfortunately, this game had seen better days. The playfield art was worn completely through across much of the board.

We gave it a quick touchup and meant to go back in for a better job one of these days, but then someone spotted the game in the back of one of our photos.

So now this crazy and rare machine belongs to a new friend of ours. Enjoy the game! May all your days be cosmic!

A Custom Conversion! (NSFW)

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We’ve been sitting on this one for a while… a custom conversion that’s as rare as it is remarkable. We finally found some time this month to hang out with our Sexy Girl. Check out the early progress!

The original Sexy Girl was produced as a conversion kit in 1980 by Swiss company Ranco Automaten and included a populated playfield, backglass, projector, film strip, and an instruction manual. You supplied the Bally boards, cabinet and cabinet art. (IPDB)

Pinball reproduction art company CPR made its own smaller conversion kit six years ago, which included an unpopulated playfield, backglass, and plastic set.

Still, we were game to try this, and got in on the 30 kits that CPR produced. It took a while, but we finally pulled out the pieces to get going this month. We’re using an old Star Trek head and an old KISS body for our cabinet!

Here are some of the lovely women on the playfield. Our favorite is Susy! The original conversion advertised itself as simple, and only taking 30 minutes. Ours will take a bit longer.

We particularly like the art here. Is that a pile of hotdogs?

The original flyer advertised the game was perfect for truckstops and bars.

Here’s the big boss putting some of the pieces together. You can see a good shot of the projector screen it the middle of the playfield, which will show as many images as we include.

Here’s the promo stand CPR included in its package, a bonus over the original kit. That’s former Playmate Ann Pennington, who also appears on the backglass.

Here’s where the game stands now. We made Ann safe for work in this shot at least. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!

This Game Rocks!

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We’ve had a ton of fun playing this ACDC Premium. But now it’s time to say goodbye. Check out how great this game looked with a few custom touches, and RED silicone rings!

Stern came out with ACDC in 2012, and instantly drew rave reviews from players, competitors, and music afficianados. (IPDB)

The homage to Australia’s favorite hard rockers originally came in Pro, Premium, and LE versions. The game proved so popular that special Luci and then Vault editions also were produced.

And what’s not to love? Rock ‘n’ roll, cannons, trains, demonic mini playfields? This game is loaded with toys, not to mention kick-ass music.

We’ve given this game a thorough going-over. Everything works 100%! We added a few custom touches too, including RED silicone rings, ramp stickers, and color-coded post sleeves!

We’ve also upgraded the LEDs, to make that beautiful glow even better.

This game is a thing of beauty!

The mini playfield is perfect, with the plastic cover nice and clear.

Check out the red rings!

Enjoy the game, Dan and Suzanne. You’re about to rock.

To Boldly Play An Awesome Game!

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We just finished a full shop job on this 2015 Stern Star Trek Pro, and this game looked amazing! Custom touches made this Home-Use-Only game even better. Check it out!

Star Trek has been well represented in the pinball world, but when Stern came out with this version in 2012, it changed everything. (IPDB)

Through the years, there’s been Bally Star Trek, Data East Star Trek, and Williams Star Trek the Next Generation, but this is definitely the coolest version.

Stern came out with several versions of this game. This is the pro model. There’s also the Limited Edition and Premium editions.

This game is even cooler because it has an aftermarket art package, with a custom translite, speaker panel, shooter housing, scorecards, and coindoor sticker.

We upgraded the LEDs throughout as well, for a perfect glow.

We added some cool custom touches as well, including BLUE silicone rings throughout, color-coded post sleeves, and Super Bands!

This game is loaded with toys, and great references to the newest version of the movies.

Check out those cool blue bands! They look even better in person.

Captain’s orders: Check out this game, now at Doc & Eddy’s in Tempe!

Dirty Harry Made Our Day

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We just finished a full shop job on this Dirty Harry pinball machine. We especially liked how the powdercoating turned out, and the color DMD was awesome! Check it out!

Williams came out with this game in 1995, and produced around 4,250 machines, IPDB reports.

The game is, of course, based on the Eastwood movie series. Police Inspector Harry Callahan arrived on scene in 1971 in “Dirty Harry.” “Magnum Force” followed in 1973, “The Enforcer” in 1976, “Sudden Impact” in 1983, and “The Dead Pool” in 1988. The game takes details from all the flicks!

We gave this game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be polished, washed, tumbled, or otherwise cleaned.

We also installed full LEDs in this game: insert, GI, and flashers, all from Cointaker. And check out the color DMD!

One other nice upgrade: A new nickel-plated gun. Enjoy the game, Kent! We hope you feel lucky!

Lord of the Games

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We just finished a full shop job on this awesome Stern Lord of the Rings pinball machine. This machine is always fun with its depth of play and cool theme. Check it out!

Stern came out with Lord of the Rings in 2003, and produced around 5,100 machines. (IPDB)

This game came out the same year as the third installment of Peter Jackson’s cinematic trilogy, based, of course, on the classic J.R.R. Tolkien works.

Fans of Middle Earth especially love the game, with so many toys and modes that touch on the best parts of Tolkien’s world. But the game is a perennial favorite of all players.

We gave this machine a full shop job, tearing everything off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, washed, polished, or otherwise cleaned.

We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout.

We added a few extra touches on this one too, including Super Bands, and color-matched post sleeves. Enjoy the game, Dave! Bash the Balrog!

The Awesome Dead

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We just finished a full shop job on this amazing HUO Stern The Walking Dead Pro. This game was nice when it came in, and it was amazing when it left, with LED upgrades, and a few custom touches. Check it out!

Stern started producing The Walking Dead in 2014, based on the hit AMC series, based on the even-better series of graphic novels. (IPDB)

This is the Pro version, which came to us from its original owner with only around 1,000 games played.

The game has lots of great nods to the series, including this Bicycle Girl image underneath the left ramp. We made it even cooler with a Bicycle Girl figure!

Here’s another cool addition: Rick in the foreground and a zombie in the back. They’re right next to the barn, another noteworthy toy.

We upgraded the LEDs, adding some select color to the playfield.

Enjoy the game, Kevin. You can tell Leslie did!

Goodbye, Robert

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We wanted to take a moment to pay respects to a good man, taken from us early this week, unexpectedly, and too young.

Robert Whipp was well-known in the pinball community, hard to miss in how he stood above the crowd physically, but in personality too. Quick to smile and laugh and help you if you needed anything, he was a genuine good guy who loved his family and was proud to be with them.

He was a judge for us last year in our annual Best of ZapCon contest, after winning the contest in 2017. He was a regular in Tucson tournaments who was part of a successful new route business down there too. He drove up to Phoenix often for tournaments. His whole family played, even his future daughter-in-law became part of things.

He passed away on Monday at 50. Viewing will be Sunday at 1 p.m. at Adair Funeral Home’s Dodge Chapel in Tucson, at 1050 N. Dodge Blvd. Services will be Monday at 9 a.m. at All Faiths Cemeteries, 2151 S. Avenida Los Reyes.

Robert is survived by his wife, Cat, his son, James, and James’ fiancee, along with countless friends, colleagues, and players. We’ll miss you, Robert. Thank you for everything. May the sun never set on your memory.

Here’s Robert with the award he earned for his restored Evel Knievel machine at ZapCon Five. Robert spent an amazing amout of time restoring the game and his hard work truly showed.

Hardbody Finds a Home

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We just finished a full shop job on this great pinball machine – a Bally Hardbody! This machine is the only machine endorsed by Rachel McLish, the first Ms. Olympia. Are you tough enough for Hardbody?

Bally came out with Hardbody in 1987, at the height of the fitness craze of the ’80s, and produced around 2,000 machines. (IPDB)

Featuring the first Ms. Olympia and a hard-core workout theme, this machine continues to make players’ pulses race.

We’ve given this one a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be polished, washed, tumbled, buffed, or otherwise cleaned.

We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout the game as well. Look at that glow!

You can see the great factory-installed mirror blades in this game, too. As far as we know this was the first and only game to come with them.

Enjoy the game, Rob!