News: Firebird Games Going to Zapcon

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Here are the games we plan to take to Zapcon. What do you want to play???

See the full list of Zapcon games here.

And remember to vote for your favorite games in the Firebird Pinball Best of Zapcon challenge!


1982 Williams Defender — Why did we restore it? Someone had to!

1983 Williams Time Fantasy — A perfectly restored classic.

1985 Williams Sorcerer — One of the nicest Sorcerers you’ll ever see.

1987 Williams F14 Tomcat — General Yagov is coming!

1988 Williams Banzai Run — Go for the hill!

1988 Williams Swords of Fury — Anthropomorphic magic.

1989 Williams Elvira & The Party Monsters — This game is stacked!

1990 Williams Diner Get it while it’s hot!

1995 Williams No Fear: Dangerous Sports — Light-up topper.

1991 Williams Terminator 2 — Judgment Day. For sale: $2400.

1993 Data East Jurassic Park — Oooh, T-rex got ’em.

1994 Williams Demolition Man — Powder-coated metal. For sale: $2600.

1994 Data East Royal Rumble  Prototype translite. For sale: $2500.

2005 Stern Harley Davidson — Rare, third-edition version. For sale: $3400.

2006 Stern NASCAR Start your engines! For sale: $3200.

2007 Stern Family Guy — Home-use only. Giggity! For sale: $5500. 



1967 Bally World Cup Soccer — This is what you get if you cross foosball and bubble hockey! For sale: $800.



Centipede/Millipede upright combo — Beat our high scores!

Kid-Sized Pacman upright — For sale: $1200.

Kid-Sized Ms Pacman upright — Two of them. For sale: $1200.