Hard-Rock Pinball

Games For Sale 14 May 2018 | Comments Off on Hard-Rock Pinball

We were lucky enough to pick up this Home-Use-Only ACDC Premium recently. This game rocks! And it’s for sale! And we’re going to have a lot of fun playing it in the meantime. Check it out!

Stern came out with ACDC in 2012, and instantly drew rave reviews from players, competitors, and music afficianados. (IPDB)

The homage to Australia’s favorite hard rockers originally came in Pro, Premium, and LE versions. The game proved so popular that special Luci and then Vault editions also were produced.

And what’s not to love? Rock ‘n’ roll, cannons, trains, demonic mini playfields? This game is loaded with toys.

It also comes loaded with LEDs. Look at that beautiful glow!

We’ve given this game a thorough going-over. Everything works 100%.

Take it home today. You know you’re about to rock. We’ll even salute you. Ground-floor delivery available.

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