Hockey in the Desert!

Hockey fans,we know you’re out there. Check out this Bobby Orr Power Play pinball machine!

Bally came out with this game in 1977, and produced almost 14,000 units. (IPDB)
The game pays tribute to one of the NHL’s greatest players. Hall-of-Famer Orr spent 10 years with the Bruins, followed by two seasons with the Black Hawks. Injuries forced him into an early retirement, but he still holds a number of records.
Orr was a defenseman, but still managed several scoring titles. The backglass is a particularly nice tribute to Orr, who’s remained active in the hockey world since his last game in 1978.
We gave this game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be tumbled, washed, polished, buffed, or otherwise cleaned. We made a few cabinet touchups as well.
Of course, we installed full LEDs as well. (And, yes, we also included legs.)
Enjoy the game, Dave! Go, Blackhawks!