Is Your Game Clean?

Sometimes a game will look clean. Until you get into it. Then you can see how much dirt and grime is hidden in the spots you can’t see. That’s why a thorough shop job is so important for your pinball machine.

Take this game, for example. It looks clean, right?
Even when you look closely, you can tell someone has cleaned it recently. There’s no dirt around the posts, and no wax in the cracks.
But when you take off the apron, plastics and the posts, you see how dirty it really is.
There’s some serious grime in this thing.
Even the places we looked closely at are really dirty when we get into them.
And all that grime is going to get back into the open playfield if it isn’t cleaned properly.
Now that’s better. We can do this for your game, too! Call today for an in-house shop job!