NEWS: Our ZapCon Games List!

Games For Sale,Pinball in Arizona,Pinball in Phoenix,Zapcon 17 April 2018 | Comments Off on NEWS: Our ZapCon Games List!

It’s getting so close! ZapCon will be here on Saturday! To help further the excitement, here’s the list of games we’re taking to the show. Almost everything is for sale, so YOU can take home the best-ever ZapCon souvenir. Stop by the Firebird booth and say hello!

Sinbad, by Gottlieb, 1978, $1300.

Harbody, by Bally, 1987, $1400.

Captain Fantastic, by Bally, 1976, $1700.

Cue Ball Wizard, by Gottlieb, 1992, $2400.

Jokerz, by Williams, 1988, $2500.

F-14 Tomcat, by Williams, 1987, $2600.

Taxi, by Williams, 1988, $2900.

King of Diamonds, Gottlieb, 1967, $3000.

World Cup Soccer, by Bally, 1994, $3700.

Super Mario Brothers, by Gottlieb, 1992, not for sale.

Farfalla, by Zaccaria, 1983, Not for sale.

Hyperball, by Williams, 1981, not for sale.

Flash Gordon, by Bally, 1980, not for sale.

Our mini Galaga will be on display too!




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