Sharkey’s Shootout is Super

This Sharkey’s Shootout is a really fun game. Check it out!

Stern came out with Sharkey’s Shootout in 2000, creating a game that’s just as much fun for pool players as pinball players.
You work through the modes of this game by shooting different shots that defeat the other players: Tex, Mr. Grey, Dr. Wood, Sticks, real-life pool queen Jeannette Lee, and, of course, Sharkey.
The game features a lot of Lee, the former No. 1-ranked female pool player in the world, known as the “Black Widow.”
We’ve given this game a thorough review, checking all the mechanics, touching up a few spots, and polishing the playfield. It looks and plays great!
We’ve installed full LEDs as well: insert, GI, and flashers, too. Check out that glow!
This game has some fun toys as well as a great layout, based mostly on Bally’s Eight Ball Deluxe.
What will the Mystery Ball hold for you?