In-Home Repair Service

We can come to your home to repair your pinball machine!

Service calls start at $100 to come to you and diagnose your machine and provide an estimate of repair costs. We can perform most repairs on-site, including circuit board work. Most machines are fully repaired in a single trip as we carry a very large inventory of parts. Rarely does the entire game need to be brought back to the shop.  To give you an idea of total cost, 95% of all repair calls run between $150-$350.

To schedule service, call 602-386-9356 or email

We accept cash, checks, PayPal, and credit cards

Here are a few examples our of services and costs

Full Replacement Rubber Kit installed $100-$200

Flipper Rebuilds from $100-$125 a pair

Burnt Light Connectors (GI) replaced $50

Remote Battery pack and installation $40

WPC Reset Fix  $95 (most instances)

LED playfield light kits starting from $150 installed