Pinball In Arizona

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Places to Play


The Lemoncade– A great addition to downtown Glendale! More than a dozen pinball  machines, some great arcade machines, and all the lemonade-style drinks you could want.

Electric Bat Arcade– Now open inside the venerable Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, boasting some 20 arcade and pinball machines, and a full bar.

StarFighters Arcade– The valley’s largest pinball arcade, with 30 machines on the floor. Also the valley’s largest provider of vintage arcade games.

Tilt Studio– Twenty pinball machines, lots of arcade and redemption machines, at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe.

Cobra Arcade– Great arcade in downtown Phoenix with three pins and dozens of upright arcades.

The Grid: Games and Growlers– Half a dozen newer pinball machines, and some good arcade games, like Killer Queen.

Jesse James Comics & Games– Located in Glendale, an awesome game store that boasts an admirable group of pinball machines as well.

Castles and Coasters– Phoenix 15+ Late-Model Bally, Williams and Stern on the upper floor; tons of redemption games on the lower.

Golfland– Located in Mesa. Several pinball machines, dozens of arcade and redemption games.


D&D Pinball– Arizona’s largest public pinball arcade, located in Tucson, with 30+ machines.

Golf and StuffLocated in Tucson, at least three Stern Pinballs and plenty of arcade and redemption games.

Tucson Indoor Sports Center– Four games on the floor, hoping for more!

Cobra Arcade Tucson– Now open in downtown Tucson, boasting dozens of pinball and arcade machines, DJs, and a full bar.


Find your own spot– Pinball Locator has lots of local listings.


Local Arizona Pinball Clubs and Tournaments

Arizona Pinball Players League– Monthly tournament at the homes of collectors in the Phoenix Area.

Tilt Studio Tempe Pinball League– A fun league with weekly and monthly tournaments, open to the general public.

Belles & Chimes — A Phoenix-area league for women who enjoy playing pinball in a fun, supportive and social environment.

Tucson Pinball League– Montly tournaments in Tucson, open to the general public.

Play More Pinball– Comprehensive list of tournaments in Arizona.



Where to Buy Pinball machines in Arizona

Firebird Pinball– check out our current inventory.

Roxy’s Gameroom– 602-319-2968, video games and pinballs.

Pinball Investments– 480-309-6206, pinball machines and video games.

Mr Pinball– Biggest and best online classifieds for pinball machines and parts.

Ebay– Buyer beware, most purchasing horror stories come from buying machines from eBay without having somebody check out the game first.

Phoenix Craigslist– Buy from other local collectors and enthusiasts.

Courtesy Coin– 623-516-0544, arcade and pinball rentals