Pinball You Have to Sit Down For

Games For Sale,Shop Notes 14 May 2019 | Comments Off on Pinball You Have to Sit Down For

Check out this totally cool, totally inexpensive, and totally fun pinball machine with a great Phoenix connection! We picked up this Lucky Draw cocktail machine a month ago, and went through it completely. LEDs, upgraded rings, and more. Take it home today!

Lucky Draw was manufactured by Mirco International’s Games Dvision in 1978. Exact numbers vary, but there were only several hundred of these games produced.

According to Wiki: Mirco was a Phoenix-based pinball and arcade game manufacturer that existed from 1969-78. They were originally called Arizona Automation and then Mirco, in 1974. They first imported from Germany, then in 1971 began self manufacturing.

This game has all the features of a standard pinball machine, plus you get to sit down while you play.

We gave the game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield and fully cleaning, polishing, and testing it all.

The colors really popped with a little attention. LEDs are installed as well, to burn cooler and last longer than traditional bulbs.

Come and get this machine today! Delivery available. Perfect for upstairs and downstairs gamerooms!

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