Pinball Mods

We don’t just fix machines, we make them better!

From our custom LED kits to our large assortment of colorful posts, caps and rings, we can give your game the little extra touch it needs. Also check out our LED buttons, and look into our powder-coated rails, legs and guns.  We have something for every game.



The Simpsons on the left has LEDs. The Simpsons on the right has traditional incandescent. What a difference LEDs can make in your game! Bulbs last longer and look more beautiful too!


See your game transformed with our custom-chosen colors and intensity levels. This Fish Tales has color-changing bulbs in the fish inserts in the playfield, and in the eye of the fish topper. One of the brightest games we’ve ever done!


This Bride has both insert and GI LED kits for even more glow. Each kit, installed, is $150. Make your machine sing!


Here is an LED insert kit in a Terminator 2.  The GIs are still incandescent in this one.


This Scared Stiff was a blast to LED!


Have you seen a prettier Star Trek: The Next Generation?


If you prefer the original crew, we can do that too!


LEDs aren’t just for playfields, either. Check out how cool this Addams Family looks with a blue LED strip in the topper!

Mirror Blades


Here’s that Fish Tales again! We love how the mirror blades reflect all that gorgeous light. We can put blades in your machine, too. $150 installed.


Check out the extra light and glow that the mirror blades make in this Addams Family pinball machine!




Powder-coating is a finishing touch that can’t be beat. Huge palette of custom colors and finishes available. Make your scratched metal look perfect!


We can powder-coat handles, rails, lockdown bars, coin doors, and legs.


Powder-coating prices vary depending on job. Call to ask!


Pinball Mods


We installed Demolition Man handles on this Shadow pinball machine. It’s a really cool conversion that gives the game a whole different level of play!


Playfield Swaps


We can trade out your worn playfield for you. Make your machine look brand-new!


LED Buttons


An easy switch that gives a game something special. Check out how pretty the side of this Bride just became! $35

Other Custom Touches


We went all-out on our Time Fantasy. We used a rainbow of colors in our lane guides, post caps, post rubbers, pop bumper caps and LEDs to match the theme of this colorful game.


Polished chrome flippers give your game a truly custom look. Available in an array of tints. Also note the custom post rubbers.


Pop bumper caps come in all styles and colors, and they can even have LED rings inside them!


We put an LED strip inside the volcano in this Congo game. It’s normally pretty dark, but look at that lava now.

One last cool detail! We replaced some of the LED eyes in the Scared Stiff box monsters with different colors. Now you really notice those little critters.


See something you like? Get any ideas? We love to customize.

Call or email today to get started!