Something in the Air

We’re not sure what it is. Mating season? Something in the air? Whatever it is, we keep attracting pairs of machines in the shop. This makes for handy reference guides as we tear them down and reassemble, but it’s certainly not very economical. Here’s the latest sighting. Check it out!

The Whirlwind in the front of the picture belongs to a customer, and we’re shopping it. The one in the rear is one we just purchased from another customer. It’s for sale!
Here’s another shot of the elusive machines, standing in close proximity. Maybe we’ll let them stand next to one another if they’re good.
We let the Hyperballs all hang out together. We had three in December, down to two now.
The Taxis were good friends too. Down to one of them now too.

Really, people, this is the way to collect. Now if someone just wants to sell us another Medieval Madness for cheap, we’d be happy to put those machines together too!