Parts For Sale

We stock as many new and used parts as we can. Most are available for pick up. Please keep in mind that we’re a repair service and frequently use our parts. Sometimes we run out. We do our best to have as many of the most-requested items as possible in stock for customers. Here’s an overview of what we have:

  • cabinet protectors $20
  • cup holders (right and left) $20
  • light bulbs #44, #47 and #555 @$4 per box, we stock most other bulb types
  • flash bulbs #89, #906, #63, #67, #1251 @ $8 per box
  • LED’s, single bulbs. Insert kits , flasher kits, GI kits and full game kits available
  • rubber ring kits $25 per game
  • new pinballs $1.50
  • drop targets $6
  • pop bumper parts
  • switches
  • coils and coil sleeves
  • shooter rods
  • flipper bats
  • flipper parts and rebuild kits Most kits $50-$75
  • legs, leg levelers and bolts
  • programmed eproms
  • chips and transistorsStore1
  • circuit boards
  • New Playfield Glass- Standard $60, Widebody $70 and WPC  translite glass $50
  • Used playfield glass- Standard $15-30, Old Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Atari widebody $30


Circuit boardsSee our circuit board repair page for a list of available boards


TO ORDER via email, contact Leslie