T-Shirts Are Here!

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Do you have problems being cool? Constantly feel like you just don’t have the right look? We have your solution!


Inside this unassuming box is the answer to all of your problems!


Yes, we have more official Firebird Pinball T-shirts!


Now you can look as cool as we do, and for only $15. We can bring one to your service call, mail you one, or sell you one at ZapCon. Get yours today!

One Response on “T-Shirts Are Here!”

  1. Joshua van Marle says:

    Hey Kris,
    I want to buy one on your shirts. I don’t think most people have heard of you in MO- I can, “represent.” I like that they are black, so I can bleach one and make it look even cooler. Let me know how to get one.