Tales of the Arabian Nights is Tremendous

Shop Notes

We just finished a full in-house shop job on this Tales of the Arabian Nights. TOTAN is a great game, and this one turned out really well.


Williams came out with Tales of the Arabian Nights in 1996.


There were 3,128 games produced, according to the IPDB.


We gave this one a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield and washing, tumbling, polishing, or otherwise cleaning it.


We had just a little cabinet work to tackle, too.


Coolest feature of this game: The top of each flipper inlane has a circle of metal spikes that can rise up from within the playfield to temporarily encircle the ball and stop it from exiting the outlane. (Thanks for the wording, IPDB!)


We installed full LEDs in this one: insert, GI, and flashers, too.


Artwork by Pat McMahon, design by John Popadiuk.


Enjoy the game, Craig!