They Are the Champions

Huge thanks to all those involved in the state pinball championships this past weekend. From the tournament directors to the crew at StarFighters Arcade, to all the participants, everyone worked hard to ensure the day was amazing.

And kudos to our champions! Great work!
Winner of the women’s tournament was Lee Ann Scardina,
while Mark Pearson took the overall championship.

Now let’s start working on 2020 points!

There’s our champ Lee Ann, second from left. Far left is Terri Boyd, who finished third, second from right is Tracy Lindbergh, who finished second, and on the right is Mary Lopez, who snagged fourth place. Great work, ladies!
The winner of the general tournament was Mark, second from left. Will McKinney, far left, finished second. Paul Blanco, second from right, finished third, and Henry Hanshaw, on far right, took fourth! Great work, guys!