This Machine is Out of This World!

Shop Notes

We just finished a full shop job on this Space Invaders pinball machine. The game turned out great! Check it out!

Space Invaders1

Bally came out with Space Invaders in 1979, and produced around 11,400 units, IPDB reports.

Space Invaders2

Of course, the game borrows heavily from some other space-themed cultural touchstones.

Space Invaders3

The alien in the backglass was considered an unlicensed repro of the gooey character in the movie “Alien,” which came out the same year as this game.

Space Invaders4

And some of the other aliens are obviously at least tributes to the characters in the “Space Invaders” video game, which came out in 1978, and was still incredibly popular when this pinball debuted.

Space Invaders5

All of that just enhances the theme, and makes this wide-body machine even more fun to play.

Space Invaders6

We gave the game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be washed, tumbled, buffed, polished, or otherwise cleaned. Then we installed full LEDs too.

Space Invaders7

We also touched up a few spots on the cabinet, and fixed a few minor spots on the playfield. This game looks great now. We hope you enjoy it, Kelly!