Twin Win is BACK!

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We’re so happy when our favorite games come home. We restored this 1974 Bally Twin Win for a customer five years ago. He’s downsizing now, so we jumped at the chance to buy it back. Now you can take it home!


Here’s the project halfway through. We sanded down the cabinet and sprayed new paint. Stencils are fun!


We stripped the playfield, touched up a few rough spots, and gave it a couple of coats of clear


This machine has the distinction of having framed playfield glass, which allows you to lift up the whole top at once.


The master and commander putting the finishing touches on the reassembled playfield.


Here’s the amazing game in all its glory!


Bally came out with Twin Win in 1974 and produced 1,570 units. (IPDB)


Ground-floor delivery is available. This is the perfect holiday gift!