We’ve got a lovely bunch of pinball machines!

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So if ZapCon wasn’t big enough motivation for us to get all our machines cleaned and shopped, there’s this little pinball tournament we’re hosting this weekend! That’s right, the good people of the Arizona Pinball Players League will be over this weekend for an IFPA points tournament. (Firebird is a proud sponsor of APPL.) So we’ve been busy! But it’s worth it. Check out our amazingly clean shop!

Clean Shop1

In case you can’t see it, that lineup is The Addams Family, AC/DC, Tron, X-Men, Transformers, NASCAR, and T3.

Clean Shop2

Looking good!

Clean Shop3

Here’s the other side of the room. Not too shabby here, either!

Clean Shop4

Lineup here is Dr. Dude, another Addams Family, Red & Ted’s Road Show, Johnny Mnemonic, Congo, and Scared Stiff.

Remember, you can check out all these games at ZapCon!

See you there!