Who’s Ready for a Project?

Games For Sale,Shop Notes 5 March 2018 | Comments Off on Who’s Ready for a Project?

While we try our best to fix everything, the sad fact is we just don’t have time for it all. But our busy schedule is to your advantage! We’re putting this Chicago Coin Home Run project machine up for sale.
SALE! $200!

Chicago Coin came out with this model pitch & bat machine in 1972, still at the height of the popularity of these baseball games.

This model is pretty cool, and the backglass has held up pretty well.

The playfield is complete, and works like most pitch & bats: A ball is pitched from the center mound, the bat swings, and the outcome is awarded based on what you hit in the outfield wall.

The playfield has suffered some damage, with some planking, and sunken inserts.

The cabinet also has suffered some damage, with some termites and some water spoiling things at some point in the past.

This game turns on and lights up, and the motor spins when you insert credits. The machine will NOT start games right now, though.

This EM game comes as-is, with no warranty, and no delivery available.

The control panel is in awesome shape!

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