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A buddy of ours just picked up this WhoDunnit pinball machine. This is a great game in general, but this particular one has suffered some water damage, and the ramps and plastics spent some time in direct sunlight. It needs more love than we have at the moment. But it will be perfect for someone who wants a (mostly) working WhoDunnit for cheap. Pick it up today! (Machine is sold AS-IS.)

$1500 OBO


Bally came out with this game in 1995, and produced around 2,400 units. (IPDB)


It’s a fun game, with a great murder-mystery theme, and good toys, including a telephone, and spinning slot machine reels.


You can see some of the cabinet damage up front. This game will need some cabinet restoration.


And here’s what happens when your machine gets too much sun. This ramp and the small one on the right need to be replaced. ┬áThe right one is available from Marco for $54, the larger top one would need to be found used or you can possibly reshape this one until them.


Some of the plastics are also warped but can be flattened in an oven.