ZapCon Needs You!

Pinball in Arizona,Pinball in Phoenix,Tournaments,Zapcon 7 March 2018 | Comments Off on ZapCon Needs You!

ZapCon is coming! ZapCon is coming! Yes, the state’s largest pinball and arcade convention is right around the corner, with only around six weeks left until the big day! But ZapCon still needs one thing to be successful: You!

See this huge room full of games? They’re all donated for the weekend by folks who want to share their love of gaming with everyone.

And while ZapCon already is compiling a great list of games for this year, that list can always be better, and you’re the one who can make it happen.

Sign up today to bring your game down to ZapCon, and get one free weekend pass for every game you bring!

There’s a laundry list of other benefits too, including access to Contributor Night on Friday, a great sneak preview of all the fun.

Sign your games up today! And we’ll see you at ZapCon!

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