State Championships Are Here!

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The state pinball champions for 2019 will be crowned on Saturday!

Check out the awesome trophies that will be awarded in the women’s tournament!

The open and women’s tournaments will take place at StarFighters Arcade, with each competition featuring sixteen of the state’s best players battling in head-to-head matches.
The venue won’t be open to the public so the players can concentrate on their games.

Firebird Pinball has been happy to help support our local pinball leagues, and we wanted to wish everyone good luck. Especially one player: Our own boss Leslie made the cut this year! Go #12!

There she is! Getting in a little practice at StarFighters earlier this week.

Eyes on the game!

Good luck, everyone! (Especially Leslie!)

Ultra HUO Simpsons was AMAZING!

Shop Notes

Check this out! We just delivered this AMAZING Simpsons Pinball Party to a great customer. This machine was Home Use Only with 854 plays. No cabinet wear! No flipper button wear! A beautiful example of this highly sought-after title. Aren’t you sorry you missed it?

Stern came out with The Simpsons Pinball Party in 2003, as our favorite family of misfits celebrated its 14th season of TV. (IPDB) (IMDB)

This machine hardly saw any play since then, preserved in its bright, perfect yellow glory for its lucky second owner.

We gave this game a full shop job before it went on its way. This game was practically brand new!

Everything works 100% on this game and it came with full LEDs throughout.

This game is a perennial favorite of players of all skill levels. With its great them and fun toys, it has something for everyone.

Even this garage sticker was original. Enjoy the machine, Erik!

Paragon is Something Else

Shop Notes

We had a couple of really nice late ’70s machines come through the shop recently. After seeing so many games that have seen better days, it’s nice to share some shots of a quality machine. Check out this sweet Paragon!

Bally came out with Paragon in 1979 and produced around 9,120 of the games. (IPDB)

The game was Bally’s first widebody game, and also utilized four flippers.

This game is usually pretty well-loved, but this machine has seen some care during its life. Check out how nice this cabinet is!

We gave the machine a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, washed, polished, or otherwise cleaned.

We installed LEDs throughout as well as some special touches.

Check out that beautiful glow.

Enjoy the game, Gilbert! It’s a beauty!

This Game Looks Like a Million Bucks, or Six

Shop Notes

We had a couple of really nice late ’70s machines come through the shop recently. After seeing so many games that have seen better days, it’s nice to share some shots of a quality machine. Check out this sweet Six Million Dollar Man!

Bally came out with Six Million Dollar Man in 1978, and produced around 10,320 of the games. (IPDB)

The game of course was based on the popular Lee Majors’ TV show, which finished up its four-year run the year this game came out.

We had the technology to rebuild this machine, better than before, with new rings and LEDs lights that burned cooler and looked better than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Check out those beautiful lights! We fixed a few minor problems and added a few bonus touches as we gave this machine a full shop job. But this game was in remarkable shape and didn’t need much love.

Enjoy your game, Donald, it’s a beauty!

We’re a Quilt!

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We’re always happy to see people in our Firebird Pinball T-shirts! One of our good friends sent us this picture, a quilt she had made of a bunch of her Arizona pinball T-shirts. Check it out! We’re a quilt!

Our friend had so many T-shirts that she had several quilts made from her collection. Thanks for the shout out, Katie! We’re glad to be in such good company!


Gilligan Never Looked so Good!

Game Restoration,Shop Notes

We just finished a full restoration on this Gilligan’s Island pinball machine. This game got a new playfield, new cabinet stencils, tons of custom touches, full LEDs, powdercoating, and more. Check out how beautiful it looks!

Bally came out with Gilligan’s Island in 1991, and produced around 4,100 of the games. (IPDB)

This game had been on our restoration list for a while, and we were excited when we could finally clear out space to get her done.

First thing we did was sand down the cabinet to remove all traces of the previous art. Then we applied the new stencils.

Then came the playfield swap. We’d already pulled the old one out of the game and we swapped everything over to the new one while we finished the cabinet.

We also cleaned everything or replaced it with new as it went on the new playfield. Here’s a closer look at how beautiful it came out!

We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout.

Our customer wanted to make the wireform rails look like bamboo, so we had them powdercoated light brown, then hand-painted the bamboo accents.

Our customer also found these great palm trees that he thought would add to the look of the machine. So we cut them to size and added them to the game as well.

Did you notice those sweet art blades too? Also Super Bands, color-coded post sleeves, Cliffys, and more.

Enjoy the game, Bill! We had fun making it look so cool!

This Game is in Another Castle

Shop Notes,Sold

We just said goodbye to this great Super Mario Brothers pinball machine. The whole family liked having this one in the house, the kids especially. Check it out!

Gottlieb came out with Super Mario Brothers in 1992, and produced around 4,200 games. (IPDB)

The game, of course, is based on the video game that changed so many childhoods forever. Nintendo came out with Mario Brothers in 1983, and Super Mario Brothers two years later.

This game incorporates much of the video game, with seven worlds our good hero travels through, fighting Bowser and rescuing the princess, with Yoshii frequently beside him.

We gave this game a full shop job, and installed Cointaker LEDs throughout. We added a few special touches as well, including Super Bands, and color-coded post sleeves.

Enjoy the game, Ethan! The kids might come over to visit it!

This Game Rocked!

Shop Notes,Sold

We just sent this great Guns N Roses pinball machine on its way. This machine rocks, and we had tons of fun playing it before we had to take it to its new home. Check out how great it looks!

Data East came out with Guns N Roses in 1994 and built around 3,000 machines. (IPDB)

The game pays homage to one of the biggest bands from the decade with the biggest hair ever, of course, featuring their biggest hits, and lots of topical art.

We gave this game some extra nice touches, including the awesome powdercoating

We also gave it a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, washed, polished, or otherwise cleaned. We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout as well.

Did you pay attention to the ramps? We flame-polished them to perfection.

Here’s the R-ramp at its best too!

Enjoy the game, Fil! We miss it already!

Wipeout Gets a Makeover

Pinball in Phoenix,Shop Notes,Sold

We just finished a full shop job on this Wipeout pinball machine. This is a fun game with some cute touches. And it looked great when we were finished with it. Check it out!

Gottlieb came out with Wipeout in 1993 and produced around 2,150 of the games. (IPDB)

The game makes the most of its ski-loving theme with slopes, slaloms, even a Saint Bernard.

We gave the game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, polished, washed, or otherwise cleaned. While it was stripped, we pulled the damaged Mylar as well, then touched up a few spots.

We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout as well.

We added Super Bands, color-coded post sleeves, and more.

This game turned out great! Enjoy it, Jerry!

Almost Too Cool for Phoenix

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Let’s be honest. After almost a decade of pinball, it takes quite a bit to get us REALLY excited about anything. But we’re REALLY excited about this. This Friday is the official grand opening of Stardust Pinbar! We got a sneak peek last week. Check it out!

Stardust Pinbar is the brainchild of the folks behind Cobra Arcade, so you know it has to be cool. You get there by going through Ziggy’s Pizza, which they also just opened, and also is totally awesome.

The coolest place in Phoenix is next to the Van Buren, at Van Buren and Fourth avenues downtown. Here’s what you see when you walk inside Ziggy’s.

Then you want to head for these doors, at least if you know what’s what.

Then you walk down this hallway and go through the secret entrance at the end.

Then you’re in Stardust Pinbar, the only dedicated pinball bar in the state, with 15 to 20 machines on the floor at all times.

These are great titles, too, like Tales of the Arabian Nights, The Addams Family, Monster Bash, Cirqus Voltaire, and more. Also, check out the amazing artwork on the walls! We love the whole theme.

The bar is made of hundreds of pinballs and the menu is full of things we’d drink. Are you excited yet?

Check out the other wall too! Dozens of playfields make for a beautiful display.

We can’t hardly wait to go back. Check it out yourselves. You know you want to.