NEWS: Our ZapCon Games List

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It’s getting so close! ZapCon will be here in less than three days! To help further the excitement, here’s the list of games we’re taking to the show. Almost everything is for sale, so YOU can take home the best-ever ZapCon souvenir. Stop by the Firebird booth and see us!

Our Games:

Fish Tales

Fish Tales, by Williams, 1992. $2900.


Hardbody, by Bally, 1987. $1200.

Haunted House

Haunted House, by Gottlieb, 1982. $3000.

Iron Man

Iron Man, by Stern, 2010. Home-Use-Only! $5000.

Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero, by Data East, 1993. $2500.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean, by Stern, 2006. Home-Use-Only! $5600.


Popeye Saves the Earth, by Bally, 1994. $2700.

Secret Service

Secret Service, by Data East, 1988. $2200.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Brothers, by Gottlieb, 1992. $3200.

The Shadow

The Shadow, by Bally, 1994. $4000.

World Cup Soccer

World Cup Soccer, by Bally, 1994. $3800.

Americas Most Haunted

America’s Most Haunted, by Spooky Pinball, 2014. Not for sale.

Chicago Cubs Triple Play

Chicago Cubs Triple Play, by Gottlieb, 1985. Not for sale.

Road Kings

Road Kings, by Williams, 1986. Not for sale.