NEWS: Pinball on Hiatus

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Pinball on Hiatus

ZapCon is cancelled. Barcades are closed. Tournaments are shut down. Folks, we know these are trying times for the pinball soul, but also truly a time when we can look at something larger and make sure that we’re all doing our part.

We learned yesterday that the organizers behind ZapCon, the state’s biggest and most amazing pinball and arcade gathering, have pulled the plug on this year’s convention. We’ve talked to friends who are closing their barcades indefinitely. And we’ve crossed off all the upcoming tournaments that have been cancelled as local leagues shut down.

We’re also doing our part. We’re shutting down service calls as of further notice, until all of this blows over. The boss had back surgery last month and has to stay safe. And we want you to stay safe too. So we won’t be in your home for a while, but we’ll be in the shop, hopefully working on some projects here and shopping some customers’ games.

Please feel free to call, text, or email with questions. And we can put you in the queue for service calls when we’re back on the road. Until then, please stay safe and keep those around us safe too by following recommended precautions and avoiding any gathering of more than a few dozen people.

Thank you for understanding, and for looking at the larger picture. Pinball will return soon. And hopefully we can all look back and share toilet paper stories as we get back to real life, and pinball too.

Kris and Leslie
Owners, Firebird Pinball