NEWS: Pinball STILL on Hiatus

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Pinball on Hiatus

It’s been a while, folks.

And unfortunately it’s going to be a while longer.

When we shut down service calls in March, we thought it might be a couple of weeks, maybe a month, before we’d be back out and taking care of your games. We were hopeful even as the weeks continued to crawl along and a month passed, and then another. A few weeks ago, we thought it might be okay to get back to work. Bars were re-opening, people were going back to work. We started organizing our calls and we even made a few appointments.

And then the numbers began rising again. And then we got a call that someone had been diagnosed with Covid-19 at a house we were scheduled to be at in thirty minutes. Way too close for comfort. For ours, and for yours.

So we’re still on hiatus. It’s not the easy choice. We’d rather be out there fixing machines, making you happy, and actually earning a living. But it’s the safe choice, and it’s the choice we’ve made.

We’re still here for you. If you need advice, call us. We’re always happy to help you fix your own machines. If you need parts, call us. We have a no–contact pickup service. You can pay in advance and never even come inside. If you can bring your machine to us, we can fix it in the shop. (No, we can’t go pick it up.)

But, no, we’re not coming to your house for a while, and, no, we can’t recommend someone else who can. Let’s all just stay as safe as possible so we can get through this as well as possible. We’ll see you soon, we hope.

Thank you!

Kris and Leslie
Owners, Firebird Pinball