A Home-Run Kind of Game

This 1966 Williams Pitch & Bat is a blast to play! We just finished a full shop job on it, and it plays great. Check it out!

Williams came out with this game in 1966, right in the middle of the decade-long popularity streak this type of game enjoyed.
Collectively known as “pitch and bats,” this actual Pitch & Bat is easy to play. Press one of four buttons that correspond to different pitches; a ball is released, and you hit a button to swing away. Whatever target you hit at the end of the field either moves your baserunner or records an out.
This machine is a really great example of the game. The cabinet is in excellent shape, apparently restencilled at some point in the recent past. The rest of the game is in really great shape too.
The coin door is immaculate, too. Even the legs are nice on this game!
But the best part of the game just might be the backbox.
The paint is in great shape, and the colors are so vivid. The score reels are working great, too, a good thing considering the score in this game!
All the mechanisms work, and these guys move seamlessly around the base paths in the backbox animation.
Check out the immaculate inset. Perfect for a baseball fan, but beautiful enough for anyone.