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Alex M., Maricopa, 4/10/2024
“Firebird Pinball were a pleasure to work with. They were super super friendly, got me scheduled easily, and the work was excellent and very fairly priced. I would recommend them to anyone who’s having an issue with their beloved pinball table.”


Child Life Zone, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, 1/9/2024

“Thank you again for all that you have done throughout the years!”


Tom O., Ahwatukee, 6/2/21

“What a great experience having my pinball machine serviced at home. Kris did a wonderful job with the repairs. He covered all the bases–now the machine is as good as new. The LED conversion was an added bonus; what a difference. My family is looking forward to game night.”


Serge S., Scottsdale, 1/28/19

“I just want to thank you and Kris for your help. Kris is a true professional and performed multiple excellent repairs. While I hope I don’t have to use him again in the future, I know that if I need repairs he is my go-to guy.”


John P., Phoenix, 8/14/18

“Kris, thanks for taking those few minutes to talk to me about our machine on Friday. Turns out it was a broken hinge…, and that was a pretty easy fix. Had I left with just the solenoid, we’d still have a broken machine. Thanks again, I really appreciate the extra time you took.”


Brad B., Tucson, 8/25/17

“Kudos to your crew; Kris and Bob really did log the hours on their timesheets. It’s great to have all the games up and running– I kept my daughter awake playing late into the night. You provide a great, and necessary, service. Thanks for all the help!”


Dave M., Tucson, 2/16/17

“My machine is now a rocking stud piece of artwork! As always it has been great working with both you and Kris. You are both so nice and easy to talk with. I really appreciate it all.  As much as I hope I don’t need another service visit, I’m thrilled that if I do I will get to talk with you two again.”


David D., Gilbert, 8/12/16

“I have had many pinball repair guys out to service my Indiana Jones game over the past 10 years and Kris from Firebird Pinball blows them out of the water with his service and repair. He is very knowledgeable about the games and without question knows what the problem is and how to resolve it. Very happy with my service and have no doubt that it was serviced correctly the first time and won’t warrant a call back to service the same issue. Just found my new repair/service man! Thank you!”


Lisa W., Phoenix, 4/13/16

“My game needed repairing so I searched the Web for someone to repair it. I found all kinds of bad reviews and then I found Firebird! They are a husband and wife team. They were both polite and friendly. Kris always arrived on time and they did what they said they would do, and they went above and beyond to please me. My machine works great and I couldn’t be happier. If you are looking for great service, trustworthy people and a job well done, you had better use Firebird!”


Martin M., Phoenix, 1/7/16

“Just wanted to say that you guys rock in my book. Not only is the South Park up and running again, it looks better than when it arrived here in 2008. Thank you SO MUCH!”


Victoria Y., Phoenix, 12/27/15

“Leslie and Kris, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! We absolutely LOVED surprising our boys with a newly and completely refurbished pinball machine Christmas morning! The machine is a BLAST to play and I’m not sure who likes it more – our kids or us! I actually have sore forearms from hitting the flippers so much!”


Wayne G., Green Valley, 5/8/15

“Kris is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He was able to diagnose and fix my pinball machine’s problem in a minimum amount of time, patiently explaining to me what he was doing along the way. I was amazed at his willingness to share knowledge with me, and I learned a lot! My experience with Firebird Pinball was 100 percent positive, and the cost was more than fair. I will bring all my pinball needs to you in the future.”


Roger W., Anthem, 1/4/15

“Just a quick note of thanks – Kris did a great job on our Party Time machine. We will be sure to keep your contact information and call if we need service in the future. And if you need a reference for any reason, I would be happy to provide one.”


Jesse R., Phoenix, 11/4/14

“I just wanted to thank you both for the great work done on my BK2K. It’s all set up in the garage for now and will be enjoyed in our family for decades to come. The quality of work and attention to detail, along with the history and some of the modifications Kris and Leslie pointed out, were very interesting and informative. Kris’ knowledge of pinball alone was astronomical! I’m going home now and straight to the garage for my PINBALL FIX!!”


Eric B., Chandler, 8/6/14

“My Twilight Zone is working better than ever following your service last week!! Thanks a ton. Really nice to have it working again. Now to get lost in the zone.”


Harry C., Phoenix, 4/17/14

“Kris came by yesterday and not only fixed my broken machine but also serviced and enhanced another machine as well. Now I have two great machines ready for our family party on Easter. I’m totally impressed with Firebird Pinball. What I got yesterday was superior skill and lots of hard work at a very fair price. You can bet I’ll always call you guys when I need repairs and I”ll recommend you to anyone in need of your services.”


Kyle B., Sierra Vista, 12/12/13

“The machine looks and plays wonderfully well. The job you did using LED lighting is fantastic. The game has just the right amount of brightness without being distracting. … The backglass looks amazing with LED lighting. I always thought it was a little dark and depressing on my old game, but you really make the colors pop off the back glass. It’s stunning. Thank you for providing a great product at a great price.”


Brad H., Phoenix, 10/3/13

“Kris is fair and knows his stuff. He walked me through a problem I was having with my 35-year-old machine over the phone as if he were standing right in front of it! Firebird Pinball sets a high standard for customer service and expertise.”


David H., Phoenix, 9/4/13

“Kris came by and did a really thorough job getting my game going. Super good guy! Leslie was prompt and helpful as well.”


Nate S., Superior, 6/21/13

“Kris, Thanks again for a fantastic service call. Your insight saved me $ and time diagnosing a failing GI connection that I would have just thrown bulbs at! Both my machines are looking and playing great! Being a “noobie” to pins, I appreciate how you talked your way through each repair and gave pin-specific tips to help me with the longevity of my machines. Leslie, thank you for your quick response and accommodating scheduling of my service! I’m sure I’ll be in touch, and again thanks for your help.”


David D., Tempe, 4/11/13

“Kris from Firebird Pinball loves pinball. He loves talking about the restorations he does, the machines he has for sale, the pinball conventions he goes to, histories of the machines, and even best-known techniques to beat the damn things… In addition to fixing some 10 things on Sheri’s Black Knight 2000 machine, he switched the incandescent bulbs on the playing field with LED’s. The LED’s are a little flashier and do a better job of assaulting the senses. If you need to k now anything at all about pinball machines, Kris is your man.”


Michael C., Gold Canyon  2/2/13

“I have used Kris from Firebird Pinball several times for a couple of my Williams machines recently and I can honestly say that you would be very hard-pressed to find a better or more capable pinball repair technician in the valley, or in the entire Southwest for that matter. I also know a few other pinball enthusiasts in the valley that have used and swear by him as well. Kris is someone who has a true passion for pinball and it shows. He also stands behind all of his work in a manner that is refreshing.”


Douglas H., Glendale, 8/25/12

“Kris came out to tune up my ‘Revenge From Mars’ machine. Everything ran so smoothly — the very next day I was able to reach the ‘Attack Mars’ scene for the first time since owning the game! I also set the #1 High Score. Thanks Firebird Pinball!”


Mike D., Tempe,  8/6/12

“I had Kris from Firebird Pinball come out and repair a couple of my machines. He fixed a circuit board and rebuilt a few flippers for me. The price was good and I would recommend Firebird Pinball to anyone needing pinball repair. Thanks Kris!”

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