Pinball Parts Vendors

Pinball Parts

Pinball Life– Best price and selection on general purpose parts; lamps, rubbers, pinballs, plastic parts, flipper rebuild kits, LED’s

Planetary Pinball – Large selection and good prices

Marco Specialties– Largest online inventory

Pinball Resource– Largest parts inventory (not all online), great for Gottlieb parts

Little Shop of Games -Game-specific Parts

Pinball Decals– Lots of mods and replacement parts

Titan Pinball– Rings, LEDs, playfield parts and more

Cliffy’s Passion for Pinball– Playfield protectors, specialty parts

Pinball Spare Parts – Australia- Capcom and Alvin G parts

Parts for Pinball– Norway

Best of Pinball– Germany

Pinball Heaven– UK

Mr Pinball Australia– Australia


Reproduction Playfields, Plastics, Backglasses, Ramps and Cabinet Stencils

Classic Playfield Reproductions (CPR)– Playfields, plastic sets, backglasses

Starship Fantasy– Playfields, plastics, backglasses, ramps, more

Mayfair Amusement– Backglasses and NOS playfields

Shay Arcade Group– EM backglasses and playfield plastics

Planetary Pinball -Playfields, plastics, ramps, more


Reproduction Circuit Boards

NVRAM Weebly – Pinball Electronics from barakandl – NVRAM chips and Bally Reproduction Boards

Pinscore– LED score displays and power supplies

XPin– Displays, power supplies, driver boards, more

Rottendog– Williams, Bally, DE reproduction boards

Alltek– Classic Bally MPU, lamp and driver boards

Pinball PCB– Williams HV display boards and speech boards

Ni-Wumpf– Gottlieb CPUs

Flipp Pinball by Pascal – Gottlieb PCB’s including all in 1 boards for System 1

Great Lakes Modular– Various smaller boards


Electronic Components

Great Plains Electronics– NO LONGER OPEN 🙁 Best one-stop shop for pinball-related electronic parts.

Arcade Chips– Lots of rare and NLA chips

Big Daddy Enterprises– Board component kits

Jameco– Best of the mainstream retailers for older parts

Digikey– Large electronics retailer

Mouser– Large electronics retailer



Cointaker– Individual lamps and full game kits

Comet Pinball– Individual lamps and full game kits


Pinball Manufacturers

Stern Pinball– Largest manufacturer of new pinball machines

Jersey Jack Pinball– East Coast pinball company, has produced “The Wizard of Oz” and “The Hobbit”

Spooky Pinball – A great little Wisconsin company that put out “America’s Most Haunted” and is working on “Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International” machine

Planetery Pinball– Distributor for Jersey Jack Pinball; took over Illinois Pinball remakes

Marsa Play– Spanish manufacturer, “New Canasta” (site in Spanish)


Game Reference

The Internet Pinball Database!!!!– Game information, build date, production numbers, game features, pictures

Boston Pinball Ebay Summary–  Online price guide


 Video Game Parts

The Arcade Shop– Arcade game parts