Another Reason to Take Games to ZapCon!

If you haven’t already volunteered to take a game (or seven) down for ZapCon in April, the good folks behind Arizona’s largest arcade and pinball convention have come up with another reason for you to sign up:
A chance to win a FREE ARCADE GAME!

ZapCon 4

That’s right. For each game you bring to the show (April 16-17 at the Mesa Convention Center), you’ll be entered into a drawing for the game. You also get:
*A weekend pass for every fully functional game you bring.
*A collectible badge and lanyard (unique from normal attendees’).
*Early entrance to the event on both days.
*A free “ZapCon 4” T-shirt if you bring five or more games.
*Access to the “Contributor Only” game time on ZapCon Eve.
Most importantly, organizers say, you get to be a part of the ZapCon team and a valued member of the pinball and arcade community.

Be cool, like the people who donated these games, seen here being tested by Firebird Junior before the big weekend last year.

If you don’t have any games, but still want to help, organizers are still looking for volunteers. If you donate four hours of your time, you’ll get a weekend pass too. Contact organizers here or here.

Best of ZapCon Runners Up 6
These guys are cool too!
Behind this scene: Definitely a lot of cool people.

So seriously, check out ZapCon. We’ll see you there in April!