Attack From Mars

We just said goodbye to this beautiful Attack From Mars pinball machine. This is a really fun machine, consistently ranked atop the favorites list of just about everyone. Check it out!

Bally came out with Attack From Mars in 1995, and produced almost 3,500 machines. (IPDB)
This one looked even better after we installed Cointaker LEDs throughout.
Green Super Bands gave it a special touch.
This game is ranked #4 on Pinside’s most-popular list, and it’s easy to see why. Among the many toys in the game, these aliens jump all around, and you shoot the UFO behind them.
According to the IPDB, the machine isn’t actually based on the movie “Mars Attacks,” which came out within a year of the game. The themes were coincidental, designers said.
The Tim Burton movie didn’t feature nearly as many cow launches, either.
Enjoy your new home, Attack From Mars. We miss you already!