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America’s Best Haunted

Uncategorized 19 June 2017 | Comments Off on America’s Best Haunted

We sent one of our favorite games on its way earlier this month. But before America’s Most Haunted left the building, we made a few final tweaks that made this game even cooler. Check it out!

It’s Going to Blow You Away

Uncategorized 6 March 2017 | Comments Off on It’s Going to Blow You Away

We just finished a full shop job on this Whirlwind pinball machine. This was a dirty, dirty game, and it took a lot of work to make it shine. Check it out!

Playfield Touchups, Assembly-Line Style

Game Restoration,Shop Notes,Uncategorized 3 December 2013 | Comments Off on Playfield Touchups, Assembly-Line Style

Now this is how we touch up playfields!