Check Out Cactus Canyon!

We were lucky enough to have a Cactus Canyon pinball machine come through the shop last week. This rare game is highly sought-after, the last traditional pinball machine Bally put out before closing shop.
Check it out!

Cactus Canyon1
Bally came out with Cactus Canyon in 1998, and produced around 900 games before halting production to work on its Pinball 2000 games. That turned out to be the last gasp for the venerable company.
Cactus Canyon2
Cactus Canyon has reaped the benefits since. It turns out that being a rare game at a pivotal time in pinball makes you highly collectible.
Cactus Canyon3
This was the first of these games we’ve seen in the shop, and we were glad to have it. And we were even happier to outfit it with full Cointaker LEDs.
Cactus Canyon4
A few custom touches made this game even more beautiful.
Cactus Canyon5
But we’re not the only people who like this one. With its great theme, fun toys, and decent layout, this game scores highly among collectors and novices alike. In fact, it’s ranked #32 on Pinside’s best-of list.
Cactus Canyon6
Western games are always popular, but the toys on this one make it even better than average, with its pop-up bad guys, moving train, and more.
Cactus Canyon7
It was nice knowing you, Cactus Canyon!
Cactus Canyon8
Enjoy your new home!