Comet’s Rockin’ It

Shop Notes 15 September 2016 | Comments Off on Comet’s Rockin’ It

We just finished putting this awesome Comet machine back together. This game looks and plays great now. Check it out! Sorry, it’s sold now!


Williams came out with Comet in 1985, and went on to produce around 8,100 machines. (IPDB)


Sources say this game was named after a popular ride at Chicago’s now-closed Riverview Amusement Park.


The game pays homage to amusement parks throughout, with shooting gallery targets, a roller coaster, a dunk tank, and more.


This game has been fully shopped, and looks great! We installed LEDs throughout the machine, too.


We also checked all the mechanics on this machine. Everything works 100%!


There are a few custom touches on this game as well, including the post sleeves and flipper rings!


See you next time!

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