Cool Ramps, Dude

We recently had this Lethal Weapon Three game come through the shop. And we made it look awesome. Check out what a difference powdercoated ramps can make!

Data East came out with Lethal Weapon Three in 1992 (the same year the movie hit the theater), and produced more than 10,000 of the games. (IPDB)
We got this one in around Christmas, and gave it a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, washed, polished, or otherwise cleaned.
And then we remembered the spare ramps we had for it. At some point, we had an extra set, so we powdercoated them to show off for customers.
They looked great when we installed them, that little extra touch that made the machine look even better once it was fully put back together and LED’d.
Enjoy the game, Byron, and those wicked cool ramps.