Elvis Gold

Scottsdale, AZ

A very nice condition Stern Elvis gold that just needed a wipe down and repair 2 small issues. The first issue was a bigger pain than I thought. The Lock switch under the Heartbreak Hotel was flakey. No amount of adjustment was going to fix it so it needed to come out. Unfortunately to get it out I had to remove 2 ramps, the heartbreak hotel cover and 2 plastics and even then it was still like surgery to get to the 2 screws holding the switch in.

Other issue was a non-working ball gate control (solenoid #8). It didn’t work in game play or test, so the next thing to do is to ground the tab of the transistor with an alligator clip. This will determine if it’s a board problem or a problem on the pf. Grounding the transistor did nothing so it must be bad wiring or a bad coil. Next try grounding the ground wire directly at the coil and still nothing. Pulling the coil out and grounding the tab on the coil finally get’s it to fire. The wire holding it to the coil (under some shrink tubing) has broken, so resoldering this wire fixes the issue. Note that when removing this coil use some hemostats to hold the spring under the playfield, because if it comes loose on the top half of the upper pf will have to come off to get the spring reattached.