Everything Old is New Again

Some games are dirty, and some games are D-I-R-T-Y! Check out the before pictures of this 1999 Sega Harley Davidson pinball machine that came into our shop recently. Then check out what it looked like when it left. We’re not calling ourselves Anne Sullivan or anything, but WOW!

This is what the game looked like when it came in. The owner said the glass broke several years ago and he just let the game sit in his barn.
Here’s a closer shot so you can appreciate this grime. The game had some mechanical issues, and the owner was ready to fix everything at last.
Ta-da! We stripped everything off the playfield, to be tumbled, buffed, polished, washed, or otherwise cleaned. We also had to get into every inch of this machine to find all the broken glass and get it out of there.
We added Super Bands, new rings and post sleeves, new drop target stickers, some touchups, and more.
It was hard to believe it was even the same game that had come in.
Enjoy the game, John, we were happy to bring it back to life for you!