Family Guy Fans, This is Your Machine!

Fans of Family Guy, make sure to check this out! We had a Home-Use-Only machine in the shop, and it was so nice! Not only was this a fantastic game to play, loaded with references to the long-running show, but it came with all kinds of bonuses that a true fan would definitely appreciate. Check it out!

Stern came out with Family Guy in 2007, and produced around 3,300 machines.
That was around eight years after Seth MacFarland debuted his heartwarming cartoon, which has run for around 275 episodes now.
Anyone who knows anything about the dysfunctional Griffins will love playing this machine, with original voices and music from the show, and prominent character art throughout.
This machine has been fully shopped, and the mechanics have been checked completely. It works 100%
The cabinet is in great shape, too! This game has only been used in two private homes, ever.
This game has LEDs installed throughout: Insert, GI, and flashers as well.
Among this game’s many toys: The Stewie mini playfield, where you battle the world’s most ruthless toddler in his quest for world domination.
Some of the characters on the game have been traded out with updated versions, like this Chris with his headset.
The game comes with an assortment of other bonus figures, which you can trade out on the game.
Enjoy the game, Greg!