Firebird Gets New Mascots!

The happy day has come: Our backyard ducks have finally managed to hatch one of their eggs! We have one beautiful Indian Runner duckling already here, and a few more definitely on the way. What do you think? Does Fireduck Pinball have the same ring as Firebird Pinball?

Here’s the first egg, getting ready to hatch two days ago.
The big pinball boss also doubles as a duck whisperer. Here, he’s listening for peeps from the duckling inside the egg.
Here it is! Our first duckling! The Fireduck!
“Are you my mother?”
All our ducks were in a row. That’s Quackers, then Wigglebutt, then Peepers in the rear, a few days before the eggs were ready to hatch.

Now who’s ready to adopt a duckling (or two)???