Flash Gordon is Finally Finished!

As you might have seen, we’ve been working on this Flash Gordon for a while. It wasn’t a complete restoration–we saved as much as we could. The playfield was actually in decent shape, but the cabinet had a long way to go. Here are the final pictures. Look for the full album soon.

Bally came out with Flash Gordon in 1980, coinciding with the release of the movie based on the comic strip character.
There were about 10,000 of these games produced, according to the IPDB.
We did a full teardown on the playfield, then touched up the paint in a few areas and clearcoated the whole thing. A few well-placed LEDs made it shine.
Backglass was in great shape already, showing off Sam J. Jones, Melody Anderson, and the esteemed Max von Sydow as Emperor Ming.
The cabinet was in pretty good shape, but the red had faded badly. We repainted the red and black completely, but left the original gold.
New Bally sticker, of course!