Game Show is a Winner!

We just finished a full shop job on this Game Show pinball machine. It was a little rough around the edges when it came in, but it definitely turned out great! Check it out!

Game Show1
Properly called “The Bally Game Show,” this machine came out in 1990. Bally produced around 2,500 of the game. (IPDB)
Game Show2
It’s rare to find a Game Show in good condition, and this one had definitely seen a lot of play. But we gave it a full shop job, and it cleaned up really well.
Game Show3
We installed LEDs throughout, flame-polished the ramps, touched up the playfield, and polished, buffed, tumbled, washed, or otherwise cleaned everything.
Game Show4
These cabinets almost always show some fade, so there was a little work to do there, too.
Game Show5
Now this is a game to write home about. It’s a winner again!