Getaway High Speed 2

Peoria, Arizona

Game was reported to have a severe reset problem. The game would reset anywhere from withing 10 seconds to 5 minutes after turning it on.

We turned this game on and let it run while repairing the TOM.  It didn’t reset once.  Of course, that’s the way it always works once you have the tech looking at it.

We noticed that the GI was strobing in an odd way. There are 5 GI circuits in the game and you can turn them on individually in the game diagnostics.  In this game there are 3 circuits in the head and 2 on the playfield. In the diagnostics mode one of the playfield circuits showed no lit lights and the other playfield circuit had all the playfield lights lit. This is incorrect and something is wired wrong.

Looking at the connectors we could see that someone had replaced the connector for the incoming AC voltage at J115.  This is the first suspect.  This connect has 7 wires going to if and they are all either yellow or yellow/white which are just the 2 legs to the 6V AC circuit from the transformer.  Looking at the manual at least 3 of the wires were put in at the wrong connector , yellow/white where it was supposed to be yellow or yellow when it was supposed to be yellow white.Looking at two connectors going out to the playfield and the head looked good, but upon closing inspection one of the wires was in the wrong place.   A new connector  for J115 was installed with the wires in the correct location and the other wrong wire was fixed and now all 5 GI circuits worked as they were supposed to.

To fix the reset, a new Bridge at BR2 and 15,000 uf capacitor were installed.  Also new 470 uf capacitor at C4.  The voltage was at 4.93.  This is a bit high for installing the 22 ohm resistor mod between the 5V voltage regulator and ground.  However doubling up two 22 ohm resistors gives us the equivalent value of 11 ohm resistor. Installing that value brought the voltage up to exactly 5.0 Volts!