Guns N’ Roses N’ Cabinet Touchups

We picked up this Guns N’ Roses a while ago, and finally had time to start shopping it. Here are the cabinet touchup pics.

Someone at some point decided that the best way to deal with some lockdown bar damage on the right side of this game was to paint over both bottom corners completely.
At first, we thought we’d have to totally recreate the art. Here’s our expert assistant Judy outlining the pattern.
Then we had a bright idea: Let’s just check what a little lacquer thinner will do.
Hurray! It’s nice to still get lucky once in a while. All that ugly black paint came off without a problem.
Some of the art on the right side still needed to be redone. But that was a much more manageable project.
Just a few roses.
And the top of a gun.
Ta-da! We just need to make a few last touchups, and this really will be a remarkable improvement. Thanks, Judy!