Hook! Hook! Hook!

We just finished a full shop job on this amazing Hook! machine. This one is long gone, but check out how pretty it looked!

Data East came out with Hook in January 1992, around a month after the movie of the same name premiered. (IPDB)
Data East made around 6,700 of the games, which are, of course, based on the classic novel “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie.
This game was in amazing shape, with no cabinet fade or damage, and a playfield that looks practically brand-new.
We gave this game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be polished, tumbled, sanded, washed, or otherwise cleaned. We installed Cliffy’s, cool red rings and post sleeves, and some more special touches.
This game also got full Cointaker LEDs throughout.
Check out that beautiful glow!
This game works 100% and plays great!
Hook! Hook! Hook!
Enjoy the game, Jeff!