Kris has a Gas Attack

The call came in late last week. There was a problem at the Arizona Science Center. It seems the folks down there were having a problem with a Gas Attack. Yes, this was a pinball call! The re-themed pinball machines at the center of the exhibit — called Gas Attack — weren’t playing correctly. We were glad to help. Check out these interesting games!

SMALL Gas Attack 1
These two games are definitely unique. They’re re-themed versions of Capcom’s 1996 Breakshot machine. The games have been reprogrammed to match the theme of the digestive exhibit, complete with gross sound effects.
SMALL Gas Attack 2
The insides of the machines have been replaced with Stern Electronics boards, and custom programmed.
Gas Attack NEW
The games are set on two-ball free play. The game’s simple play is perfect for kids, based on the idea that the balls are bacteria traveling through the digestive system, breaking down different types of food as they hit targets and banks.
Gas Attack 6
The playfield has all new plastics and artwork, a perfect match for the new theme. Check them out yourself: The exhibit runs through Sept. 7 at the science center! More on the game here too!