NEWS: Game On Expo is Coming Soon!

Hopefully you all have heard of this. If not, listen up: The Game On Expo is less than two weeks away!
In its second year at the Mesa Convention Center, this three-day event promises something for everyone, from the dedicated gamer to the casual Mario fan. There will be tons of upright arcade games to play, lots of consoles to corner, and enough competitions to cause several cases of carpal tunnel. And, yes, there will be pinball, too.

Game On Logo

In fact, some of our best friends will be at the Expo, including StarFighters Arcade, The Grid: Games and Growlers, and more! You can still get discount tickets if you buy in advance, so check it out here.

Game On Expo

Seriously, these guys have everything. Check out the special guest list, which features stars like Jen Taylor, a prominent game voice actress, and Al Lowe, the man behind Leisure Suit Larry. There also are panels with industry leaders, vendors, and lots more!

Game On Expo 3
This is Al.
Game On Expo 2
This is Jen.

We’re sorry that we can’t be there this year. It looks like so much fun! But we’re trying to at least get our custom Walking Dead machine down there. You can still help, too. Organizers tell us they’d like to get a few more pinball machines included, especially machines people are trying to sell. Contact them here if you want to help some great people and have a fun-filled weekend!