NEWS: News Owners for D&D Pinball!

It’s official, so we can finally say something about the big changes about to take place at D&D Pinball in Tucson! Gary Dillahunty and Jane Decker are selling D&D to a great couple named Constance and Robert. You shouldn’t notice too many changes, though the new owners are hoping to expand hours a bit and maybe even open up for private parties. You can read the long version here. So keep supporting this great place, and keep supporting pinball in Arizona.

On a personal note, Firebird Pinball wants to thank Gary and Jane for all their hard work, and for everything they’ve done to support the silver ball. It took a TON of effort, and they poured just about every bit of extra energy they had (and then some) into making D&D great. Bottom line: They are GREAT people, and please join me in thanking them.

That’s them, with one of their favorite pins.

Also please join us in wishing all the best to Constance and Robert. We’ve met them a couple of times now, and trust us when we say they’re good folks, too. So let’s support them, and continue to support D&D.