NEWS: ZapCon Day Two Coverage!

As much fun as we had at ZapCon 6 on Saturday, Sunday was even better! Check it out! And, yes, if you weren’t there, you definitely missed out.

Sunday morning started the way Sunday morning usually does, checking on the machines that suffered from too much love. Here’s Chris and Kris, taking care of business.
The awesome volunteers make this whole weekend happen. Thanks, everyone, especially those who were there bright and early Sunday.
We got our booth back up and running asap. Looking good!
Here’s the boss, getting things ready on every front. Good job, boss!
Crowds began to form early as the lights clicked off and the room filled with the soft glow of electronic happiness.
Some of our machines, from overhead. We took down 17 games this year, and helped move even more. Whew!
Look at that beautiful glow.
Even Mario came out to play!
As the day progressed, the bank the bottom left remained the most crowded spot, featuring the newest Stern machines.
Of course, older games were a hit as well, including this great Baseball pitch and bat.
Families dominate on Sunday, and we loved watching generations play together.
We also liked watching the crowds. There are always a few people who really get into things. How cool!
We like to check out the vendors on Sunday too. Moto’s Glass is always an awesome booth!
This guy’s not too bad either! Nice to see you, Dale!
And we always bring home something for the kids from these cool ladies!
For the second year, we were lucky to have Marco Specialties join us. Their crew is great!
Two of the world’s biggest Hyperball fans, talking shop for thirty minutes.
Look, it’s me! I’m at ZapCon! I escaped from the booth!
One of our favorite part’s of Sunday’s events is the Best of ZapCon contest. Check out our full coverage here!
Then things began to wind down, as everyone got in one last game on their favorite machine before the lights came on at 6.
And then we had to move on to the saddest part of ZapCon, tearing down our machines and taking them home. Goodbye, Mary!
Everyone moving out.
See you all next year!